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How long does it take to catalog the books of your personal library? Have you ever purchased the same book several times? This app solves both problems. It allows you to import book data from various web database, using the isbn-13 code. Any downloaded data can be changed: for example, if the cover is missing, it can be imported from the camera. You can insert an abstract or the cost of the book. If you are in the library and you do not know if the book you have in your hand has already purchased, with the camera you read the isbn code and the app will tell you if the book is present in your personal library or not. Allows searching for isbn, author and title, both on your archive and on the web. It provides statistics, for example, on how many books you have of an author, a category, and more. All or part of the archive can be converted to pdf or emailed and then downloaded to another iphone or ipad.

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